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Our Mongolian tours provide you with opportunities for thrilling activities such as horseback riding across the Mongolian steppe, camel trekking in the dunes of the Gobi Desert, and hiking to remote monasteries nestled in the mountains. The adventurous spirit of Mongolia is sure to leave travelers with lasting memories and a sense of awe.


Join a Group Tour and Discover Mongolia's Beauty Together! Premium Travel Mongolia's SIGNATURE TOURS are carefully curated to provide you with the ultimate travel experience. These all-inclusive tours are the most requested and sought-after journeys, designed to showcase the best of Mongolia's natural wonders, cultural treasures, and unique adventures.

  • The Great Naadam festival 2024 | Premium Travel Mongolia

    The Great Naadam festival 2024

    Naadam is one of the Mongolian traditional annual festivals that have been celebrated in Mongolia over millennia. The festival have become the cultural sanctity of nomads on the great steppe, keeps tradition and customs alive from ancient times.

    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    8 Days - 7 Nights
  • Eagle festival Mongolia 2024 | Premium Travel Mongolia

    Eagle festival Mongolia 2024

    Eagle Festival that demonstrates the best of the Kazakh culture, namely, hunting with Golden Eagles tradition. A wonderful parade of colorfully dressed Kazakhs with their Golden Eagles on hand, horse or camel racing, archery, and various traditional games

    Central Mongolia, Bayan-Ulgii, Western Mongolia
    10 Days - 9 Nights


Here, you'll find our Mongolia tours with a Duration of up to 12 Days, Exclusively nomadic homestays, no Ulaanbaatar city tour or hotel stay, Flight-free exploration, Cultural Engagement, Diverse Itineraries, and Small group tours for couples, friends, and families. Let us guide you on an unforgettable journey of cultural discovery and connection with the essence of Mongolia.


Picture yourself sitting on the porch of a charming restaurant, nestled within a top-tier Ger camp in the heart of the Gobi Desert. As the sun begins to set, you find yourself immersed in an awe-inspiring view of the vast Gobi landscape, with no man-made buildings obstructing your sight. We invite you to embark on our exclusive Mongolia tours, carefully curated to offer PREMIUM EXPERIENCES.


Come, be a part of these extraordinary CULTURAL EXPERIENCES in Mongolia, and witness the magic of compassion and care. Let us guide you through these heartwarming and unique experiences, where the beauty of Mongolia's culture meets the power of kindness and community.

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Mongolia, the Land of Blue Skies and Vast Horizons, is a land of awe-inspiring beauty, rich history, and a unique nomadic culture. Discover more!

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Traveller review

  • Mr. Abace van de Nur

    from Portugal, Aug 2023

    Premium Travel Mongolia did an excellent service with our group of 20 people taking us all over the country. Tour guide AMARA is a gem, thank you!

  • Alicia, Kevin and Ingrid

    from Hong Kong | Aug 2023

    Hi Crystal, We just got back to Hong Kong safely! Just want to say a huge thank you for all the help rendered to a smooth and enjoyable trip for us. We appreciate all the help given, including pre-trip queries, getting us a SIM card and checking in with us during the trip. Orna and bulga has been a great help to for our entire trip!!! Thanks very much once again!

  • Ivo C

    from PORUGAL | Jun 2023

    I had an incredible time in Mongolia! Baibolat was my guide to the Malchin Peak and was always attentive and caring about my well-being, especially during adverse weather. Always in time and showing me the plan ahead of time, I would definitely recommend him for any trip.

    Crystal, the local specialist, was super helpful in coordinating all the work to book the trip, very responsive, and giving me all the information for the options I was looking for.

  • Mr & Mrs. Imrgard

    from USA | Sep 2022

    Just to reiterate the trip was wonderful and very very worthwhile. Mona and the driver arranged for us to visit a school which I found very interesting and a country store which is also a little glimpse into the regular world of a community. Lots of our friends were surprised and envious that we went to Mongolia. I am still planning a party with my friends to tell them more about Mongolia, but I did not have enough time to organize all of my photos yet but will finish soon. It is just hard to decide which to show and which not to show because there is so much to show and tell.

  • Chiarra

    from ITALY | Aug 2016

    Paradise exists and it is in Mongolia - i have instantly fell in love with this country and its incredible people! the only thing i wish would have been different is....having more time with the Duhka people - i promise to be back soon! Nyama Geser thank you for this super incredible trip...forever greatful! new friend, amazing people, super smart horses and reindeers (how many pictures of reindeers can you take lol?)

  • Noriko Iida

    from JAPAN | Jan 2016

    Dear Nyama, Vastness and beauty of Mongolia... Above all, people of Mongolia are big-hearted. I received your generous and warm heart very much. It was an amazing opportunity for me to stand on the Mongolian grassland with my own foot. I never forget the sunset seen with Doloo and never forget all hospitality that she and Mr. drivers have done for me. I'm praying for blessings of Ms. Nyama like the sun, and your family and staffs of your company.


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