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    "Your trusted Local Experts for MONGOLIAN TRAVELS!

    #TravelBoutique offers authentic Mongolian discovery journeys, photo tours and adventures, and 4x4 offroad tours.

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    Founded in 2015, Premium Travel Mongolia is an Ulaanbaatar-based travel boutique run by a dedicated team of Mongolian travel experts. Our specialization is creating timeless Mongolia travel experiences: crafting experiential journeys and bespoke tours for seasoned world explorers. As our esteemed guest, please rest assured that PTM will organize your trip with efficiency and 24/7 support throughout your Mongolian adventure.

    We are a member of PATA (Pacific Asia Tourism Association) and MTA (Mongolian Tourism Association).

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    The story of Premium Travel Mongolia begins with 2 young ladies Nyama and Zola working for a start-up travel company 2 decades ago. They worked hard and the tiny company expanded, and a few years later 3 other young ladies joined them. Together as a team, the ladies selflessly devoted themselves for creating one of the biggest names in Mongolian tourism. Then in April 2015, the company went under a management change, and the 5 ladies decided to start their own company that reflects their values and passion for travel. And here we are at your service!

    Starting from the base in Mongolian tourism, we have learned that the quality of travel service is solely based on dedication, communication, proficiency, and trust – that is built among all stakeholders. Hence, we are dedicated to creating a wonderful tour experience for our clients.

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    We have set our ambitions to make an excessive difference in Mongolia’s current services quality in tourism supply chain. We work with tourist camps, niche service providers, NGOs assisting business development, new market entry, trade fairs participation and career counseling. Moreover, we are happy to work with existing businesses to channel their business growth.

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    We specialize in outbound travel for both business and leisure travelers, offering a broad range of travel services starting from visa arrangement, air ticketing, tour leading, and hotel booking to ground activities at the destination.

    We also offer multi-country tour with Korea, China, Istanbul, Turkey,


    As a travel company, our mission is to create unforgettable and seamless travel experiences for our clients. With a strong passion for travel and a commitment to excellence, we aspire to craft extraordinary journeys that leave our clients with cherished memories from Mongolia. Here's how we work to achieve that goal:

    1. Crafting your trip: Contact us through our website or give us a call to begin your dream Mongolia trip. Share your interests, passions, and provide as much information as you can. Then our team of Travel Designers will use their extensive experience to create the best tour plan for you including the right lodges and services.
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    1. We're a proud member of PATA - member code 8241.
    2. Tour operator’s certificate by Mongolian Tourism Association
    3. Official company registration certificate translated into English
    4. Mongolian Tourism Association membership certificate

    We are more than just colleagues after working together for over a decade; we are more like a family profoundly united by our passion for travel, and our willingness to contribute to the sustainable development of Mongolian tourism. Further, we train our tour guides and drivers regularly so that all are on the same understanding of who we are and what we do as a team. We are proud that our tour guides are more than just names and dates; they strive to offer a deep insight into Mongolia’s nature, culture, and people.

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Our team

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Nyamsuren G (Nyama)


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Zolzaya U (Zola)


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Bolortsetseg B (Crystal)

Travel designer

Nyamsuren D (Nyamka) | Premium Travel Mongolia

Nyamsuren D (Nyamka)

Operations manager


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