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    The 16th century Monastery is the jewel in the Central Mongolian steppe with 108 white stupas and a dozen temples that survived the 1930s Stalinist purge in Mongolia. Today Erdene Zuu is an active monastery with about 100 monks, daily chants, and religious activities, and is a famous place for pilgrims and visitors alike. Karakorum is about 6hr drive from Ulaanbaatar.

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    Immerse yourself in the nomadic way of life, explore the vast and diverse landscapes of the Gobi Desert and the Altai Mountains witness the ancient traditions of eagle hunting and horseback riding, and connect with the warm-hearted Mongolian people.

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    Get ready to be inspired by the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and extraordinary experiences awaiting you in Mongolia.

  • GET INSPIRED | Premium Travel Mongolia


    Let the spirit of adventure and the allure of the unknown ignite your curiosity and fuel your wanderlust as you embark on a journey that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Let Mongolia inspire you to embrace the beauty and diversity of the world and discover the extraordinary within yourself.

The places to visit


The places to visit in Mongolia

    • stunning Khongor sand dunes | Premium Travel Mongolia

    Footprints in MONGOLIAN GOBI

    The clay from the former shores, hills, and soil of the Cretaceous period look like they are on fire during sunrise and sunset. You may feel like you’re one a different planet. Really though, you’re in the Mongolian Gobi desert. Dinosaur fossils from millions of years ago still remain here. Most are small and often hidden by Saxual forests, which are ubiquitous with the Gobi, so you may pass them by without noticing. Desert plants dry but capable of coming to life in an overnight rain, are also unique to the Gobi. Though the golden sand won’t remember your steps once the wind blows, the footprint of the Gobi desert will stay in your heart forever.

    Riding a Bactrian camel, also called as “the ship of the sand dunes” and “living dinosaurs,” is a must–do in the Gobi. Also, the Gobi offers some fun activities like surfing the sand dunes and searching for dinosaur fossils and eggs.

      • Lake Huvsgul | Premium Travel Mongolia

      Land of Sky Worshipers NORTHERN MONGOLIA

      Northern Mongolia is home to the tall mountains of Khangai and Sayan, Khuvsgul lake that shimmers like a border-less blue pearl, Darkhad Tsenkher depression (a huge valley of rivers flowing from high mountains), and deer stones. The Taiga’s nomads, reindeer herders by trade, live here. In the deep forests of the mountains, they worship the sky and nature. The Khotgoid ethnic group whose pride is their fast-flowing Tes river, the Khalkh people who worship their picturesque mountains, and the hard-working Darkhad people all live in this area.

        • Lake Huvsgul | Premium Travel Mongolia

        The Blue Pearl of the North – LAKE HUVSGUL

        Mongolia is part of the Amur River basin which contains more than 300 rivers and 26 large lakes. The seemingly boundless Khuvsgul Lake, which Mongolians call the “Mother Sea”, has a secret trail that you can walk along. The lake is 2 million years old and makes up 0.4 % of the world’s freshwater reserve. Its deepest point is 262 meters. During sunset, the lake looks like a clear mirror. When the sun rises the lake sparkles like the colors of the rainbow. Khuvsgul is the deepest and largest freshwater lake in Mongolia.

          • Tsaatan - reindeer riders | Premium Travel Mongolia
          • Tsaatan | Premium Travel Mongolia

          Taiga Nomads – Reindeer Herders

          Venture into the remote and mesmerizing world of the Taiga Nomads, also known as Tsaatan people or Reindeer riders, residing in the untouched northern boundary of Mongolia. In this pristine region, nestled in the basin of the Tengis, Sharga, and Shishged rivers, and amidst the mountains of Jams and Ulaan Taiga, these nomads lead a unique and traditional lifestyle far from the bustle of modern civilization.

          Guided by the wisdom of their ancestors, the Tsaatan people herd their majestic reindeer in the depths of the dense forests, where summers welcome +27°C temperatures while winters plunge to bone-chilling -55°C to -60°C. Their roots trace back to the Uighurs, who once thrived in the great Tagna and Soyon taiga, and over generations, they have cultivated this enduring nomadic heritage.

          Among the most treasured aspects of their culture is the iconic "Yurts," their traditional dwelling fashioned from larch wood, adorned with reindeer skin, and protected by durable bark. These distinctive structures encapsulate the essence of the Tsaatan people's profound connection with nature, their unwavering spirit, and their commitment to preserving their age-old way of life amidst the timeless beauty of Mongolia's northern wilderness.

            • Erdenezuu monastery | Premium Travel Mongolia

            Cradle of Mongol Empire – CENTRAL MONGOLIA

            Central Mongolia was the heart of the Great Mongol Empire. The vast grasslands of Central Mongolia are where the first official capital, Karakorum, was founded in the 13th century. This place was home to ancient people who engraved rocks and deer stones to document their lifestyles.

            There are many beautiful places to visit and attractions to see including Erdene-Zuu monastery from 15th century with its 108 stupas in Karakorum, Khorgo volcano – a wonder of the volcano, Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake – heaven of birds, Hustai national park – home to wild Przewalski horse Takhi, Tsenkher Hot springs – natural spa, Bichigtiin Khad rock – ancient gallery of art, Orkhon valley – the natural heritage of humanity & UNESCO world heritage site which consists of ruins of Karakorum city, Khushuu Tsaidam monument – the stone statue with inscriptions dedicated to Bilge Khan of the ancient Turkic empire, the ruin of Khar ancient city – the capital of ancient Uigar Empire, Tuvkhun monastery – majesty in solicitude, Ulaan Tsugtgalan waterfall and many more ancient crave mounds, deer stones, rock drawings.

              • Altai mountains | Premium Travel Mongolia

              Diversity in Harmony WESTERN MONGOLIA

              Western Mongolia has a unique combination of desert, steppe, taiga, tundra, and mountains. This land is home to many ethnic groups that have lived together in harmony since ancient times. Diverse in wildlife and people, Western Mongolia has a rich history of traditional dances (bilge), throat singing (Khoomei), and tsuur (flute–like instrument) inherited from ancestors.

              Roof of Mongolia – Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain

              Altai TAban Bogd mountain of the Altai mountain range is located on the western edge of Mongolia and is the highest peak in the country. Mongolians call it “the roof of the country”. Altai Tavan Bogd has five peaks (Tavan means five in Mongolian), which have three large interconnected glaciers. The largest is the Potanin Glacier, which is 14 km long. This area’s climate is extremely unpredictable. You may observe four seasons in one day: the sun will shine, but then it may snow or rain. In 1996, this area officially became a protected Natural Park. Since 2012, the mountain range has been nationally sacred.

                • Mazaalai | Premium Travel Mongolia

                Home to Gobi Bear – Eej (Mother) Khairkhan Mountain

                Eej Khairkhan is a unique formation located in Tsogt soum of Gobi – Altai province. The area has rich wildlife and rare birds such as partridges, Mongolian ground jays, and Great Bustards. The blue mountain of the desert is also home to the “never seen” Gobi bear-Mazaalai (officially registered as 14th species of bear in the world), wild Bactrian camel, drought-resistant saxual trees that absorb sunshine and thermal energy.

                Primeval footprints of Khoid Tsenkheriin Cave

                The walls and ceiling of Khoid Tsenheriin (Northern Blue), 25 km from Mankhan soum in Khovd province, is home to paintings by Central Asian tribes during the Palaeolithic Age. Large birds, camels, mammals, buffalo, and trees are painted with deer red and beige pigment. These animals inhabited Mongolian territory in ancient times, but are now extinct. The paintings’ content and composition make them an important part of Palaeolithic history and culture studies.

                  • Eagle hunter | Premium Travel Mongolia

                  Cherished and loved tradition – Golden Eagles and Hunters

                  National Geographic photographer David Edwards dubbed golden eagles “dinosaurs with feathers”. This bird is special to the Kazakhs who live in the western boundaries of Mongolia. When you enter a Kazakh family’s house you first greet the Golden Eagle, also a member of the family, who will be sitting inside the house. When spotting prey, a Kazakh hunter takes the hood off Golden Eagle and lets it fly. It’s amazing to see how the golden eagle lets it fly.

                    • Khamar monastery | Premium Travel Mongolia

                    Land of the Rising sun EASTERN MONGOLIA

                    Since ancient times, the endless steppe of the East has been home to the Khalkha, Buryat, Zakhchin, Barga, and Uzemchin ethnic groups. They are proud of their land on the DAriganga Plateau, home of the legendary Chinggis Khaan. Delve and appreciate the beauty of Mongolia by watching the sunrise from the horizon – with horses breaking the silence of the morning with their neighs and the thundering sound of hundreds of gazelles galloping in the background Chinggis Khaan would visit this area after each if his war victories. It’s wonderful to imagine how by staring at the distant horizon and embracing the vast land with his eyes, he channeled power, wisdom, patience, and courage. The eastern Mongolian steppes are endless with swaying, feathery grass. The reason why generations of nomadic Mongols have preserved and protected this untouched, virgin land for future generations is perhaps because of their nomadic philosophy and understanding of nature. You could claim this is the wisdom of winning by waiting, not winning by forging ahead. These endless grasslands are a true treasure kept by nomads for humanity.

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