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Spiritual Journey: Day trip to visit a Buddhist temple

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2 ~ 8 people

The term "Dambadarjailin" translates to "developing religion" in Mongolian. The first and second leaders of Buddhism in Mongolia were both chosen from Mongolia and hailed as Bogd Khans or Javzandamba Khutagts. G. Zanabazar (1635-1723) was the first leader, followed by Luvsandambiidonme (1724-1758). The Manchu Emperor performed a significant ritual for the young Second Bogd Khan when he was just five years old, transferring all power and privileges from the First Bogd Khan to him to continue and advance Buddhism across the country. A monastery was constructed in honor of the Second Javzandamba Khutagt and named "Dambadarjailin Monastery" by the Manchu Emperor after the Second Bogd Khan's passing in 1759.

The monastery was erected at the confluence of the River Selbe in the northern part of the city and completed in 1765. Unfortunately, during the political repression of 1937-1938, the monastery suffered, with several monks being executed, temples being closed, and valuable relics and sutras being burnt. During the socialist era, the monastery's buildings were repurposed as resorts and hospitals. After Mongolia's Democratic Revolution, restoration efforts were undertaken by some monks, and the government commemorated the 240th anniversary of the monastery's establishment in 2005. Presently, over 50 monks oversee the daily religious activities at Dambadarjailin Monastery.

Tour map

Trip plan

Meet your guide at your hotel in Ulaanbaatar in the morning after breakfast. Start a day journey to visit a Buddhist temple located in the north of Ulaanbaatar city in 10 km.

Arrival at one of the oldest Buddhist temples: a place of tranquility and spirituality, surrounded by natural beauty. The temple may be a serene monastery or a picturesque pagoda, adorned with colorful prayer flags and sacred symbols.

Engage with a Buddhist Monk/Lama: Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a friendly Buddhist monk or lama, who will welcome you to the temple and provide insights into the principles of Buddhism and the spiritual significance of the temple.

Learn about Buddhist Traditions: Engage in a meaningful conversation with the monk/lama, who will share their knowledge about Buddhist teachings, meditation practices, and the rituals performed at the temple.

Participate in a Meditation Session: Experience a guided meditation session led by the monk/lama. Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of the temple as you explore the art of mindfulness and inner reflection.

Temple Tour and Rituals: Take a guided tour of the temple grounds, where you'll discover beautiful sculptures, intricately designed stupas, and ancient scriptures. Your guide and the monk/lama will provide historical and cultural context, offering a deeper understanding of Buddhism in Mongolia.

Witness a Buddhist Ceremony: If your visit coincides with a scheduled ceremony, you will have the opportunity to observe or even participate in a traditional Buddhist ritual. Witness the chanting of mantras and the offering of prayers, experiencing the spiritual ambiance firsthand.

Lunch: Enjoy a vegetarian lunch at the temple, following the principles of Buddhist cuisine. Savor the simple yet flavorful dishes that reflect the reverence for all living beings.

Personal Reflection Time: Take a moment for personal reflection and quiet contemplation amidst the serene surroundings of the temple. The peaceful ambiance encourages inner exploration and self-discovery.

Return to Ulaanbaatar: In the later afternoon, optional hiking to the nearest mountain through the Ger district of Ulaanbaatar, take a glimpse of life in the neighborhood. Bid farewell to the Buddhist temple and the monk/lama, expressing your gratitude for their time and wisdom. Head back to Ulaanbaatar city center, where you can share your experiences and newfound knowledge with your fellow travelers.

Please note: Respect the temple's customs and traditions, dress modestly, and follow any guidelines provided by the monk/lama. It's customary to offer a small donation to the temple as a gesture of appreciation for the insights and experiences provided by the monk/lama. The temple visit and the interaction with the monk/lama can be adjusted based on your preferences and the temple's schedule. Flexibility allows for a more authentic and meaningful experience.

Meals: Lunch Drive: within 1 hr depending on traffic

Price details

2 - 3 PAX


DEPARTURES 2024: Daily, all year around

CLOSED DAYS: According to temple's schedule

4 - 6 PAX


DEPARTURES 2024: Daily, all year around

CLOSED DAYS: According to temple's schedule

7 - 8 PAX


DEPARTURES 2024: Daily, all year around

CLOSED DAYS: According to temple's schedule

What's included

Included services:

    Full-time services of your English-speaking local guide
    Sightseeing and entrance fees according to the itinerary
    Private transfers (A car for 1 – 2 people, minivan for more with A/C) + fuel, road taxes
    Monk/lama meeting arrangements
    Lunch + 0.5 l x 3 bottled water per day/pax
    Exclusive day trip’s souvenir

Not Included in the price:

  • Travel and health insurance.
  • Airport transfers
  • Other activities that is not mentioned on the itinerary
  • Accommodation, activities, meals in Ulaanbaatar
  • Tips for your guide and driver (discretionary).

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