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A springtime journey through Mongolia's enchanting landscapes

A springtime journey through Mongolia's enchanting landscapes | Premium Travel Mongolia

Mongolia boasts 4 distinct seasons, each with its own unique charm and beauty. With the recent improvements in infrastructure and the growing number of tourists, some Ger camps now operate throughout the year. This provides travellers with great opportunities to immerse in the captivating Mongolian winter, spring, and autumn seasons, even in the midst of the chilly weather.

Here are the suggestions what can you experience in Mongolia during spring?

  1. Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year): Mongolians consider Tsagaan Sar to herald the arrival of spring. Celebrated in February over three days according to the lunar calendar, this festival is an ideal time to witness traditional customs while enjoying the sight of newborn animals. Tsagaan Sar's eve

  2. Snow-Covered Landscapes: With a long winter covering 70-90% of the country in snow, Mongolia's spring offers a unique blend of lingering snowscapes and pleasant, warmer temperatures (-5°C to +5°C). Explore attractions still adorned in snow and indulge in the exotic experience of horse riding over snowy terrain. Horse riding in Spring of Mongolia

  3. Baby Animals: From early February to May, nomadic communities welcome newborn animals like goats, lambs, colts, calves, and baby camels. Witnessing this can be eye-opening, as nomads work tirelessly to protect and care for these vulnerable young animals.Adorable cuties

  4. Sustainable Cashmere Production: Spring is when nomads gather cashmere from their goats without harming them, combing the fibers for sale to cashmere producers. Participate in this unique process, available only in Mongolia, and gain insight into sustainable cashmere production.

  5. Eagle Hunting Experience: Until March 20th, experience the ancient Kazakh tradition of eagle hunting in Western Mongolia's Bayan-Ulgii province. Kazakh hunters capture eaglets, raise them to adulthood, and hunt with them before releasing them back into the wild—a captivating cultural experience. Eagle hunter

  6. Attractions in a New Light: Explore Mongolia's iconic attractions during spring, when landscapes may appear more subdued yet tranquil compared to the vibrant green of summer. Discover a different perspective of well-known sites with fewer crowds. Chuluut river canyon

For those considering spring travel in Mongolia, we're here to assist you with planning. Reach out for personalized advice and recommendations tailored to your interests and preferences. Experience the magic of Mongolia in its awakening springtime beauty!


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